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Heating and Cooling Equipment Incentives

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps, Mini Split Ductless or Dual Fuel

• Stick-built  or modular housing:
   Minimum 16 SEER

Manufactured housing:
Minimum 14 SEER

• Mini-split Ductless Heat Pumps must be primary heating/cooling for home:
  Minimum 16 SEER

New Construction or Replacing Gas or Heat Pump
Dual/Variable Speed Compressor:  $750 rebate

Replacing Electric Resistance Heat
Single Speed Compressor:  $800 rebate

Replacing Electric Resistance Heat
Dual/Variable Speed Compressor:  $1,500


Geothermal Heat Pump

• Geothermal incentive: $1,500 rebate
Incentive requires a desuperheater  or "hot water assist" for new installation geothermal systems with electric resistance water heater.

Units that do not qualify include:
  Window heat pumps, “Thru-the-wall” heat pumps (hotel-type machines), MSHPs for only sunrooms, room additions or other small areas.

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