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About the Board of Directors

The cooperative’s Board of Directors are chosen through elections each year at the annual meeting. When elected, each director serves a three-year term and may be re-elected. As a whole, they bear the responsibility to govern the corporation. They get their direction from the organization’s bylaws, vision and mission. Responsibilities include strategic planning; long-term financial planning; setting rates and policy; and hiring the President and CEO.

Your Board
of Directors

North District

  • Ryan Drake, Vice Chairman
  • Mark Miller
  • Joe Nocton

Central District

  • Jodie Creek, Secretary-Treasurer, Hoosier Energy Director
  • Rod West, Chairman
  • Garry Sayne, IEC Director

South District

  • Nathan Cantrell, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
  • Terry Hillman
  • Mark Singer
Whitewater Valley REMC Board of Directors

Board Districts

The Cooperative has been divided into three (3) districts for the purpose of member representation. The Cooperative’s territorial districts are defined as follows:

North District
Area north of I-70

Central District
Area south of I-70 and north of the following: Whitewater River and Fayette County Road 250 South to Wellsview Road, Wellsview Road to County Road 300 South, east to Union County Road 275 South to Dunlapsville Road, east on Dunlapsville to Retherford Road, east on Retherford to McDill Road, east on McDill to U.S. Highway 27, east on U.S. 27 to Union County/Butler County, Ohio Line.

South District
All areas south of the southern dividing line for the central section.


Based on the Cooperative’s Bylaws, residential members are eligible to serve a three-year term on the Board of Directors if they:

  • receive the cooperative’s electrical service at his/her primary residence, have the account(s) in the director’s or candidate’s name, and is in good standing with the Cooperative.
  • are not an immediate family member of a seated or incumbent director.
  • are not a relative of an employee (as defined in the Cooperative’s Anti-Nepotism Policy), or an employee of an affiliate organization of the cooperative.
  • have not been employed by the Cooperative in the three years prior to being elected.
  • have the legal capacity and competency to enter binding contracts; have a minimum of a high school diploma (or equivalent); be fluent in the English language; have no criminal convictions excepting misdemeanor traffic offenses, and have never filed bankruptcy proceeding that resulted in any financial loss to the Cooperative.

Board Elections

Three board seats are up for election each year. Members who are interested in serving on the Board should notify the Cooperative so they may be referred to the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is comprised of cooperative members who reside in the districts up for election and they seek out and vet board candidates.  Members who are not nominated by the Committee may petition for nomination by securing signatures from at least 50 members. 


Upon election to the Board, directors undergo training at the Cooperative to learn about WWVREMC specifically and are also encouraged to complete their Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) certificate. The CCD certificate program includes courses about director duties and liabilities, understanding the electric business, board operations, and process, strategic planning, and financial decision-making.

Several board members have also earned their Board Leadership Certificate (BLC).  These Board members have expanded their knowledge by taking 10 additional courses on topics including the cooperative business model, governance, finance, communications, technology, and risk management.