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Capital Credits

2023 Year Ends with Capital Credits Returned to WWVREMC Members

$820,000 of Capital Credits Retired

Your WWVREMC Board of Directors reviewed the cooperative’s financial condition and is pleased to announce the retirement of $820,000 in capital credits. Following the cooperative’s capital credits retirement policy, 100% of the generation & transmission margins from 1994, 1995, 1997, and 1998, and 20% of the most recent year 2022, was retired and returned to members in December of 2023, giving you the members money back in your pocket.

About Capital Credits

When you signed up to receive electric service from Whitewater Valley Rural Electric Membership Corporation (REMC), you became a member — and owner — of a cooperative electric utility.

While investor-owned utilities return a portion of any profits back to their investors, electric co-ops operate on a not-for-profit basis. So, instead of returning profits, known as margins, to investors who might not live in the same region or even the same state as you do, we periodically retire capital credits (also called patronage capital or equity capital) based on how much you paid the co-op for electricity during a specified time period.