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Operation Round Up

Together we can make a difference in our community!

As a member of WWVREMC, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in our local communities by participating in the Operation Round Up® program.

Members who participate in the program have their electric bill rounded up each month and those few cents are deposited into a separate fund to be redistributed to worthwhile causes throughout our area that benefit our membership. The rounded-up amount will be listed on your statement each month and is fully tax-deductible. Bill statements received in January will also have the previous years’ total contribution for tax purposes. The maximum contribution from any one member is $11.88 per year. All contributions to the Operations Round Up® fund are tax-deductible.

Operation Round Up By the Numbers


dollars given back
to the communities


percent of members
participate in the program


dollars average donation
per member per year

How It Works

A separate trust was established to oversee the program, call The Whitewater Valley REMC Community Trust, Inc. The trust has allocated funds to fire departments, senior citizen centers, schools, community agencies and youth programs.

The mission statement of Whitewater Valley REMC Community Trust, Inc. is to make a difference in our community by the accumulation and disbursements of funds for charitable purposes within the Whitewater Valley REMC service territory.

How do I participate?

The program is voluntary. Each new member is encouraged to participate and can sign up to do so by calling the REMC office.

What if someone becomes an “accidental” participant?

Anyone can withdraw from Operation Round Up® at anytime by contacting the REMC office.


Craig Hale, Chair     |     Sara Jane Moyer, Secretary     |     Gary Stokes

Before You Apply

Non-profit groups in the community can apply. The trustees’ responsibility is to evaluate those applications and distribute the funds according to the Trust’s bylaws. Here are a few helpful tips to consider before you submit an application:

  • Be specific in your ask. General requests will not be accepted.

  • Operation Round Up’s Board is looking to fund capital expenditures. For example, requesting funds to cover a salary or monthly bill is not acceptable as they are operating expenses. 

  • Do not wait until the day before the application deadline to submit your application. This gives us time to review your application and request any additional information needed for consideration.

    If you have any questions, contact Randy Ballinger at 800-529-5557.

    Apply Now!

    Click the link below to complete an online application.

    Application deadlines are the second Monday in January, April, July, and October.

    Paper applications are also available at the Whitewater Valley REMC office.

    Annual Report

    View the 2022 Operation Round Up Annual Report below.

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