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Cope Environmental Center

Whitewater Valley REMC and Cope Environmental Center has been working together for many years.

In 2008, we worked together to make energy efficiency improvements at the sustainable living homestead. Those improvements included a geothermal heating and cooling system and electric water heating.

In 2015, WWVREMC gave their $25,000 renewable energy grant to the Cope Environmental Center. The grant money was earmarked for their solar installation at the site of the new education center.

At the same time, WWVREMC and HEPN pledged an additional $50,000 for their Living Building Challenge expansion. The three parties – COPE, WWVREMC and HEPN signed a statement of understanding that these funds would be given upon the completion of the construction project and contingent upon the certification as a Living Building from the International Living Future Institute. 

These funds were earmarked for a geothermal system and LED lighting for the new building.