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About the Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of nine members selected by and from the members of the cooperative. The three districts for committee members are the same as director districts (North, Central and South).  


The bylaws of WWVREMC provide for a Nominating Committee as a standing committee for the REMC. Article IV, Section 5 outlines the role and responsibilities of the committee and its members.

  • The standing nominating committee will be comprised of nine (9) members who are elected for three (3) year terms. 
  • No employee, officer or member of the Board may be a member of the standing nominating committee.
  • The standing nominating committee shall meet at least sixty (60) days before the annual meeting of the members for the purpose of nominating at least two (2) candidates for each open director position, and at least two (2) candidates for the open standing nominating committee positions. 
Ready to Apply?
Please read the WWVREMC Bylaws and the WWVREMC Nominating Committee Charter Policy #1-12 in completion before submitting an application to serve.

Your Nominating Committee Members


Patrick Barker, Williamsburg
Bill Day, Fountain City
Patricia Barnard, Williamsburg


Todd Duke, Centerville
Craig Hale, Liberty
Gail Smoker, Centerville


Ashley Harvey, Brookville
Jennifer Horning, Connersville
Ellis McQueen, Connersville

Timeline of Nominating Committee Meetings/Duties

Here is a typical timeline of how the nominating committee functions once the cooperative’s annual meeting and elections have been held.

    1. Orientation & Training meeting for the nominating committee.
      1. Typically held in the spring soon after the cooperative annual meeting.

    2. Nominating committee members seek qualified individuals to apply for open director and nominating committee positions for the next election.
      1. This timeframe is after the orientation & training meeting held in the spring and the 1st meeting of the committee in the fall.
      2. During this timeframe, the cooperative will post notices in the WWVREMC member newsletter, on social media and use email to communicate to WWVREMC members of the application process for open director and nominating committee positions.

    3. A nominating committee meeting is held after November 1 and before December 15.
      1. Committee members appoint a Committee Chair.
      2. Review all applications received.
      3. Select candidates to be on the ballot for the next election from all qualified applicants.