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Shedding Light on Hunger

We received this nice thank you note from the Union County Public Libary.

WWVREMC Donates to The Journey Home, Lifestream, Junior Achievement and Salvation Army

CoBank Sharing Success 2021 Matches Donations

“Sharing Success” is a charitable matching contribution program provided to CoBank’s participating customers. This year, customers were able to nominate up to four qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations for a maximum matching contribution per CoBank customer of $10,000.

WWVREMC’s CoBank “Sharing Success” recipients for 2021 are:


On September 23, 2021, WWVREMC employees delivered a check from WWVREMC for $1,200 and a matching $1,200 check from CoBank to Lifestream. The WWVREMC portion of the donation is from the cooperative’s Shedding Light on Hunger program funds.

Lifestream provides a variety of programs and services to seniors in East Central Indiana. The funds are earmarked for their Senior Safety Net/2nd Harvest meal program and will help provide up to 300 meals each month to seniors in the Randolph County area over the next several months.

The Journey Home

On December 21, 2021, WWVREMC employees delivered a check from WWVREMC and supplies totaling $1,500 to The Journey Home in Winchester. They also gave a matching donation of $1,500 from CoBank during their visit. In addition to food items, employees delivered new pillows, clothing and dog food since the home welcomes the pets of Veterans when they need a place to stay.

The Journey Home provides services and a place to stay for Veterans from across the country and these funds are earmarked to stock their pantry. The home also allows Veterans who have recently transitioned into permanent housing to come back and use their pantry while adjusting to living on their own again. We hope these funds will aid in keeping the pantry filled for all those who use it.

Junior Achievement (JA) of Eastern Indiana

In May, WWVREMC was a JA5K sponsor and JA golf tournament sponsor totaling $2,000. CoBank matched this amount with a $2,000 donation to Junior Achievement of Eastern Indiana. WWVREMC has been a close partner with Junior Achievement (JA) for a long time. JA offers programming for K-12 grades focusing on three key areas: financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and workforce/career readiness.

Fayette County Salvation Army

In October, WWVREMC delivered a $1,600 check to the Fayette County Salvation Army. The check was a matching donation from CoBank. To support local organizations who are working to help our communities during this time and in need of funding, the employees have been providing meals every Friday during the month of October 2021 in partnership with the Fayette County Salvation Army/Lord’s Table meal program. The Salvation Army provides meals each weeknight from 5:30 – 6:30 and serve an average of 80 local residents each weeknight. The organization lost its Friday night meal sponsor, so WWVREMC employees stepped in to provide this vital meal service to a community struggling to support its citizens at this time.

100% of funding for the Shedding Light on Hunger program comes from employees of the cooperative, donations from the cooperative’s partners and money raised from the annual charity golf tournament. With matching funds from CoBank “Sharing Success”, WWVREMC will be able to sponsor more meals and feed more people.